Onsite Activities

Onsite Traditional Scouting Activities

  • There is PLENTY OF SPACE to run your own scouting activities. Backwoods cooking is a favourite, just grab yourself an altar fire and stand from around the site, collect wood from the wood pile and then face the difficult decision of what to cook. The slope in Millennium field has seen many a slide set up, pioneering projects spring up all over the place, laughing young people run by playing a wide game, leaders set nature trails and tracking, craft-work can be seen drying. Somehow the warden still sees new activities so the imagination of leaders is amazing.
  • CAMP FIRE CIRCLE – Our sunken circle creates a unique atmosphere and has seen groups of 20 to 200.
  • ANCHOR CHAPEL – this is an outside woodland space with a small altar. Its quiet and peaceful setting makes it a good place for Scouts Owns.

  • PHOTO CHALLENGE – this is a great way to let your young people explore the site on arrival, or as a filler whilst you’re here. You can borrow our packs of challenges. There are 4 levels in increasing difficulty with 12 photos on each. They come with guidance for the leaders, including a map to show you the range of the photos and the answers. Ask the warden to borrow them.

 Onsite Badge Activities

  • SCOUTS GEOCACHING BADGE – You can complete nearly all of the badge here. We have information sheets to support, there are Braggerscaches to find and hide, and there are scout related geocaches just up the road in the New Forest. Find out more.

Onsite Adventurous Activities

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAARCHERY – There is an Archery range which is located in a woodland site giving that true ‘Robin Hood’ feeling. All potential ‘Robin Hoods’ need to be over 6 years old. The activity needs to be booked in advance, you can book 12 people for an hour session. You may use your own qualified instructors or request instructors.



WP_20150607_002AIR RIFLE SHOOTING – There is an indoor air rifle range. A taster session introduces discipline and respect for the equipment whilst giving the opportunity to hit that bulls’ eye. Participants need to be over 8 years old. The activity needs to be booked in advance and well planned as each young person will need the written permission of their parent/carer. There is a limit of 12 people per one hour session. You may use your own qualified instructors or request instructors.


TOMAHAWK THROWING – There is a tomahawk throwing range to let you throw and watch your throwing angel spin through the air, hopefully sticking in the wood with a thud. Can you get all 4 throwing angels to stick in? You need to book in advance for a group of 10 for an hour and all participants must be over 8 years old. You may use your own competent activity leaders or request them.



BOULDERING WALL – There is an under-cover 8 panel bouldering wall set on 3 sides with a range of challenges. Its starts easy by the gate, then just gets harder as you work clockwise. Can you stay on the whole way round? A group of 12 can book it for an hour although everyone needs to be over 6 years old. Due to a generous local donation, this activity is free. It needs to be booked in advance.


All the activities requiring instructors are run by voluntary, qualified members of staff and a leader needs to stay with the group throughout the activity. We provide all the necessary equipment that is needed for all activities. The bouldering wall is free and other activities are charged dependant on whether you have your own instructors or not.

Why not book your activities now? Complete the request form and send it with your booking form.


Tower, Crate stacking and Zip wire – those who have visited before may recall these activities. Unfortunately they have been taken out of commission so are no longer available.

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