Geocaching Badge

Geocaching badge for Scouts

The Geocaching activity badge has a number of requirements. Most of these can be done at Braggers.

Requirement 1, 3 and 6 require the scouts to learn about the GPS system, the difference between co-ordinate systems and the relevant guidelines. We have an information sheet for leaders to support running these elements. You can download it or ask for a copy from the camp office once you’re here.

Requirement 2 is about using a GPSr to input waypoints, work with them and a map, then use them to navigate to a waypoint. To make this more fun, we have Braggerscaches onsite. These are are caches available only to our visitors and hidden around our site. The Braggerscaches are listed here.

Requirements 4, 5 and 7 are about planning a route to find 5 geocaches. There is a series of 6 caches at Dur Hill Down, just up the hill from the site, which are the SGCB series – Scouts GeoCaching Badge – and they cover all the criteria for the badge and are related to what they need to have learned. The activity is on OSM as “Geocaching at Dur Hill Down near Braggers Wood campsite”. You can either message the owner d’awsomes on (one of our leaders) for the planning sheets or ask for a copy from the camp office once you’re here. You will need your own GPSr or mobiles, and the 2015 version of the OS map OL22.

Requirement 8 requires the scouts to hide 2 caches. If they want to hide 1 or 2 Braggerscaches onsite, you can provide your own container or buy a small clip-box from the site shop. The rules and how to get them published is here.

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