Hide a Braggerscache

Prepare a cache

You can either buy a Braggerscache clip-lock box from the site shop which comes with a log, or make your own. If you make your own, they must be water-proof and not be able to harm animals or insects in any way, eg do not use elastic bands or plastic that may disintegrate. Make sure you add a log and personalise it inside if you wish.

Think of a name for your Braggerscache.


Hide the cache

Hide your Braggerscache within the boundary of the campsite. This does not include Millenium field. See map below. 

  • It must not be directly on a pitch
  • It must not harm the site in any way
  • Choose somewhere that’s less likely to be found be accident

Take a reading of its location in latitude/longitude, format DDM

Think of a hint to help others find it



Register the cache

Email the name, location and hint for your Braggerscache to braggerscache@christchurch.org.uk and we will post it on our website for others to find.

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