Route Cards

These route cards can be used as the start of your planning. Check they are what you want and finish the cards for the abilities of your group and the season you are walking. The map you need is OL 22.

Bickerley Common is just south of Ringwood and right on the Avon Valley path. The walk starts alongside the River Avon and can be quite wet so watch your footwear. It continues into the forest and you see the landscape change. At the end you drop down the hill to the campsite.

Set off from the campsite and see some of the forest closeby. Just after Crossways you see the vista open up and the walk drops down to the route of the old railway. It goes up to Burley where you could detour to see the village and get some refreshments. It loops back round across Dur Hill Enclosure and onwards to the campsite again.

If you want to see the beach, walk there with this route. The road is too busy so this takes you across footpaths, down quiet lanes and ends up following the River Mude almost to the beach. The Mude is pronouced M-ew-d but Mudeford is pronouched Mud-e-fud,

The forest plateau gives a great view from Pickets Post. You can see all the way to Bournemouth and miles east and west. The milestone is close by and you set off down the Smugglers road, named for real smuggling several centuries ago. The route continues through open forest where you feel miles from anything, until you pass Dur Hill enclosure and drop down to the campsite.


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